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Biking with your dog? Create this dog basket and helmet

May 29, 2020

I love riding my electric bike. It’s a StoryBikes step-thru dutch style in seafoam green. I’ve had it for over a year and can’t say enough good things about the bike. I love the 5 levels of pedal assist which feels like someone is gently pushing me up a hill. The battery is hidden in the middle tube so it doesn’t look like your typical electric bike. I use it as a daily commuter bike when the weather is nice. Since I don’t have to pedal hard, I don’t get sweaty on my way to work! It’s the perfect way to commute- even in a dress!

Now that we adopted our adorable shih tzu pekingese mix, Muffin, I want to take her with me on short trips around the neighborhood. I researched dog baskets and found one by Beach & Dog Co with high reviews and holds up to 25lbs which is perfect for 20lb Muffin.

The basket needed a liner and a pillow for comfort so I had to make my own pattern. I used cupcake fabric by Alexander Henry since it reminded me of muffin.

The dog bike basket before my pillow and lining additions. It’s from Beach & Dog and is specially made from dogs up to 25lbs. It easily mounts to the handlebars and has an extra support bracket along the bottom. It also has a two harness/seat belt system for safety.

Here are the basic steps I used to create the fabric liner for the basket:

When it comes to riding a bike, safety is key. I found this dog helmet on Amazon. I used my Silhouette machine to add her name and paw racing stripes. The medium size fits but I need to sew/adjust the straps after our test ride.

Muffin is excited about her new bike basket!

Sniffing the new basket with added personalization.
“I like it! Don’t worry, I always have this grumpy face!”- Muffin

Next up is my wide brim helmet and it’s the easiest thing! It’s just my regular bike helmet with a brim cut from an old sun hat. I did use a few pieces of removable scotch tape to hold it in place since it kept riding up.

Time for the test ride in the neighborhood! Muffin is so excited!

I wanted to make a matching dress but didn’t have enough cupcake fabric leftover from the basket. I found this cheap gingham dress on Amazon. It was cheaper than buying fabric and it HAS POCKETS!

“Keep riding all of my furry friends!” – Muffin


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