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Birthday Party For A Dog!

March 5, 2021

Happy Birthday Muffin! Our precious dog Muffin turned 7 years old. How did I throw a birthday party for a dog during quarantine? Read on….

About Muffin:

Muffin was adopted from the Jail Dogs program at the Gwinnett County Jail in March of 2020, right before the pandemic lockdown. This is a wonderful program where the inmates care for and train dogs from a local shelter. They teach them obedience and observe each dog’s unique personality and help match with adoptive parents. I fell in love with Muffin after seeing this photo on the Jail Dog Facebook page. I knew immediately that I had to submit an application:

Muffin and her crew of inmates who cared for her while she was recovering from being spayed.

We were so fortunate that our application was chosen. She is a very special dog who was abandoned at a groomer. We don’t know how old she is but the vet thinks she was around age 6 when we adopted her in 2020. After a doggie DNA test, we discovered that she is part Pekinese, Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso.

First family photo after we bailed her out of jail (paid the adoption fee).
Getting the house all ready for her arrival!

Why throw a dog birthday party?

We love having Muffin in the family. She loves her three walks a day, Greenies, sleeping in and observing the neighborhood through her bed next to the window. She also likes dressing up and treats which is why a big birthday party was in order to celebrate her one year Gotcha Day and her 7th (we think) birthday!

Party Guests:

Since we are in a pandemic, we couldn’t invite all of her dog friends over so we had to improvise with balloon dog guests.

Balloon dog guests inflated easily with a straw and were tons of fun. Found on Amazon here.
Muffin LOVED playing with her balloon guests.

Birthday Cake and donuts:

The “barkday” cake and donuts were from Lucky and Lady Dog Spa in Atlanta, GA. I placed the cake on a clear snack bowl from Dollar Tree and I added her favorite milkbone treats.

Muffin loved the cake and donuts!

Birthday Attire:

Muffin’s birthday crown and outfit was from this kit on Amazon.
Chris also had fun with all of Muffin’s inflatable friends before the party while on a Zoom call.

Special thanks to our friend @Octagrapher for the fabulous photos and be sure to follow Muffin’s instagram @TheMarvelousMrsMuffin.

Have you thrown a party for your dog? Show us your party on Facebook!

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