Game of Thrones Parties Staircase

Staircase Dragon

June 13, 2015

Build your own dragon! I envisioned this dragon for my Game of Thrones Season 5 finale party. I ran out of time to create the head, so the tail and wings



  • I measured the size of my spiral staircase to determine the length of my dragon trail. I laid out my fabric and cut a giant triangle that gradually tapered to a point that was around the length of my stairs. I cut the same length and shape with my lining fabric. View of my outer fabric:
  • With just the lining fabric, I sewed the the bias tape down on each side to create rows for the skeleton of the tail. The bias tape is just a channel to hold the hoop steel.
  • I sewed the lining to the outer dragon fabric once the hoop steel was cut to size of the channel and inserted. I then sewed ribbon/shoe strings to each end of the channels so I could adjust the roundness of the tail and make it curved. See photo below.

  • The tail is attached by poking small holes in the tail with scissors and attached to the stairs with zip ties but I was also able to use the boning ties as well:

  • For the wings, I cut a wing shape with the outer fabric and left a few inches at the top to create a pocket for the flat steel rod:
  • I folded the top over to create a pocket (just like a curtain) and inserted the rod. The wings are attached the stairs with zip ties.
  • Done! Enjoy your new house dragon!

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