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Holiday Ties – Fast, easy and cheap Tie Fighter costumes!

December 23, 2015

I needed a quick and easy costume for my husband’s annual holiday party. This year’s party was at a local brewery in Atlanta and the theme was “Ties” as in ties, bow ties, tiedye and Mai Tai. With the new Star Wars movie premiering within days of the party, I knew I wanted to create tadem Tie Fighter costumes!

Tie Fighter Costume

Tie Fighter Costume

Supplies for a single costume:

  • 3 foam boards from Dollar Tree
  • 3 black poster boards from Dollar Tree
  • Silver spray paint
  • 1 black sweatshirt
  • 20 inches of elastic, yarn or twine (we used black sequin stretch trim from another project)
  • foam brushes for glue
  • 2 Velcro packages (black strips work fine)
  • Aileen’s multipurpose tacky glue
  • e6000 glue (for attaching Velcro)Steps:
  1. Foam board wing cutting diagram. Cut 2 out of foam board for wings. AnTie Figter Wing Cut Diagram Exato knife works great for this but regular scissors work too. On the 3rd foam board, simply cut a circle for the tie fighter center window. I used a large mixing bowl as a pattern (not shown).
  2. Spray paint wings and circle silver on both sides.
  3. Cut the wing pattern out of the black poster board using the diagram on the left. BLACK POSTER BOARD CUTTING LINESCut on the white dotted lines. Do the same for the window design. Glue black poster board to the silver foam board using a brush and multipurpose glue. Continue for 2nd wing.
  4. While wearing your black sweatshirt, hoodie or jacket, determine the placement of the wings and mark on underside of wing and on jacket (use chalk or a pen to mark). The IMG_3118wings need to attach to upper arm and a few inches above your wrist on your outer arm.
  5. Once you have determined the placement, sew or glue the velcro to the shirt using e6000. Use the same glue to adhere to the back of the foam board. Hot glue can also be used to attach velcro to the foam board wings. You can wear the small window like a necklace by attaching elastic, twine, or trim to the back.
  6. Go out and fight those rebels!



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