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Valar Morghulis Sword and Raven Wreath

December 24, 2015

Valar wreath with make thisSupplies:

  • 18 inch Wire Wreath from Amazon (Approx $9)
  • Black crepe paper (Approx 5 rolls) from Dollar Tree
  • Two (2) Plastic Swords that are at least 20 inches long
  • Fake black bird (found online or in Halloween decor in stores)
  • Sign printed from my PDF template here: winter-harpy-and-valar-signs.pdf


  1. Cut crepe paper into 8-10inch strips
  2. Tie strips to the wire frame with a simple knot in the middle of the strip.IMG_9119 Continue all around the wreath on each wire. This will take some time so I recommend doing this while Netflixing! Push the crepe paper together to create tight “feathers”. To get an idea about how close the knots need to be, check out the backside of my wreath below. Can you see all of the tiny knots?IMG_9120.
  3. Once the wreath is full of feathers, print the PDF template above for the Valar Morghulis sign. I used plain white copy paper but spilled black tea on it, crinkled the paper and used some sand paper on the edges to make it look old and warn.
  4. Attach the swords, paper sign and raven with hot glue.IMG_9158



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